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3 Love Making Tips and Techniques - How to Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

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Did you know that having better sex translates to a measurable improvement in the quality of your relationship? It's true.
During heightened states of arousal (and during orgasm), a woman secrets hormones in to her body that are very similar to what is released when she is in the state of infatuation.
You know when you just started going out and every minute you spent with her was just amazing? You guys spent every moment together and never wanted to be apart? That's infatuation.
Of course, about six to twelve months later, it wears off, and then you're left with a "real" relationship.
But wouldn't it be great if she could feel that way again? It's Easier Than You Might Think Obviously you're reading this because you care deeply about your partner and want her to help her have the most insanely pleasurable experience possible.
However, giving your partner that incredible level of sexual pleasure is actually very simple, once you know how.
So to help you achieve this goal, I'm going to share some of my best love making tips and techniques, that will give you the ability to show her exactly how much you love her.
Communicate It has been said that communication is the cornerstone of every successful relationship, and your sex life is no different.
Ask her what she likes, and tell her what you like.
Make sure to let her know that you care about her pleasure, and that you want her to enjoy herself.
A caveat, however - it is often best to have this discussion outside the bedroom, to avoid any hurt feelings that may occur during the heat of the moment.
Be Romantic Taking the time and effort to "set the mood" can go a long way towards making your partner in a responsive mood, to better enjoy your efforts at pleasing her.
Try taking a scented bath together, or having a candlelit dinner with some soft music.
Sure, it may sound corny and cliched, but it's corny and cliched for a reason - it works.
Don't Be a Prude Too often in our society we are ashamed of our sexuality.
Many women and men force themselves into having sex in a very boring manner in a very boring routine because they feel it is somehow "wrong" or "dirty" to do otherwise.
Please, do not do yourself such a disservice.
Enjoy exploring your partner's body.
Try different positions.
Push your comfort zone.
Fulfill your fantasies.
Embrace your sexuality.
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