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Cunnilingus Tips That Will Give Your Woman a Massive Orgasm When You Lick Her Vagina

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Cunnilingus when done properly is just as rewarding an experience for you as it is for your woman.
Yes she will be the one getting the hugely satisfying orgasm but the feel good factor that being skilled enough to deliver these orgasms on demand gives you is incredible.
Here are 6 cunnilingus tips.
Talk to her.
Don't be embarrassed about asking your woman how she likes to be licked.
This is important because all women are different and they like different things.
In fact talking about cunnilingus can also arouse both you and her, also the mere fact that you have asked what she likes will mark you down as a considerate lover in her eyes.
A lot of men worry that the smell or taste down there will be unpleasant, personally I love the taste of a woman's vagina, clean or not.
Her privates will develop a bitter taste and fishy odour if they are not clean so it's a good idea (if you are worried about the taste) to hold off cunnilingus until she has showered.
A great way to make sure she is clean is to have a hot bath ready for her when she returns from work.
Get rid of sharp bits.
By sharp bits I mean whiskers and broken finger nails.
Just try to imagine how uncomfortable and not to mention how painful it would be for her if you lick her vagina and stab her most sensitive parts with your whiskers.
The same applies to your finger nails, if these are not trimmed they can scratch your lovers vagina on the inside, very painful.
Miss this out at your peril because without proper foreplay her chances of reaching an orgasm are halved.
Go for sensitive non sexual parts of her body first such as the back of her neck, her shoulders and the back of her knees before moving onto the more interesting bits.
When you get to her breasts don't just start fondling them, kiss gently around her nipples to tease her and make her want more.
Good foreplay is about making her anticipate your next move and to get her turned on.
Perhaps the most important of the cunnilingus tips is the speed and pressure of your licking.
For some unknown reason most men think that women like every single aspect of sex to be done hard and fast, this is totally wrong.
My wife says that her best orgasms come from oral that is done slowly but all women are different.
The best thing to do is start off slow and gentle and let her body tell you when to speed up.
The signs are quite obvious like her hips squirming or her moans rising in volume.
Clitoris stimulation.
For something so tiny the clitoris is jam packed with nerve endings, so approach with caution.
If you touch it to soon it will make her pull away because it is so sensitive, you should only lick her clitoris to finish her off.
You will know when the time is right by doing the odd longer lick to check if her clitoris has come out to play.
You can tell when it's ready because it will get excited and pop out of it's little protective tent.
It will feel like a tiny penis on your tongue and when you flick it and lick it to bring your woman to orgasm her pleasure will reach uncharted heights.
I hope those cunnilingus tips help you, just remember to get her relaxed and take it steady.
If you don't get it right the first time don't worry just keep trying because cunnilingus is well worth mastering.
When you are skilled you have the power to make a woman orgasm anytime you desire and once you have given your woman an orgasm this way she will want more and be willing to please you any way she can to get it.
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