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A Preparatory Tantra Technique For Tantra Massage

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There are many ways in which to practice tantra massage, but you must first experience the basic energy that this ancient tantra technique unfolds within you.
Before you can proceed to enjoy the full benefits of this ultimate form of erotic massage, you need to prepare yourselves spiritually and emotionally.
o Sit on cushions, face each other and close your eyes o Gently visualize your lover's physical form and his/her energy o Relax and be still.
Focus on deepening and steadying your breath.
Breathe through your nose, drawing the breath in to the pit of your stomach o Still relaxing, focus on your partner calmly.
Recall moments together; the joy of your very first truly loving embrace.
Allow that feeling to fill you again.
It is pure tantra energy o Let the memory go, but hold on to the feeling of joy.
Be joyfully aware of yourself with your lover in the here and now.
Free yourself from thoughts of should or could, and merely exist in the present moment.
o Make love with a steady mind.
Find an internal point of awareness within you and settle the mind there, keeping this internal point of tranquility throughout the love-making.
o Be aware of your physical arousal and focus on your sense of attraction.
Keep this point of stillness within you, within the dynamic movement of your breath and the electricity of your attraction o Spread the feeling of love to your partner.
Breathe until you find balance in movement and stillness, between softness and vigor, between arousal and fulfillment.
Become aware of that tranquil state within your lover as well...
and remain in it until you become still within your ecstasy In this state, you are now primed to experience the union of bliss and emptiness itself...
your own, and that of your loved one.
By attending to the immediate urgency of your sexual desire, you pave the way for the ultimate experience of a tantra massage.
Remember that tantra and tantra massage are strong influencing forces on the mind, body and soul.
Practice tantra techniques only if an experienced tantra teacher is available to instruct you.
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