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2 Easy Ways to Deliver Erotic Pleasure in Bed - A Quick and Dirty Guide to Explosive Orgasms!

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Break the routine: if you have been with your partners for a while, you should have known what she likes and how to push the hot buttons.
However, let's be honest here: predictable sex is downright boring! Thus, it's time to get creative and add some erotic twists to the love making sessions.
Here's how: #1.
Prior to intercourse, spend sensible amount of time to give her a long, sensual massage.
You'll want to concentrate on uncharted pleasure points, including inner arm, lower belly, lower back, feet and neck.
Stimulation on these areas will help to intensify her orgasmic response.
Before you head south, chew on a little ice cube.
Then, gently stroke the areas surrounding the clitoris with your cold tongue.
It will result in new and exciting sensation.
Make out in the bathroom instead of bedroom.
When you perform missionary position, raise her legs high in the air.
It'll allow you to penetrate deeply, and ensures the internal bliss buttons receives maximum stimulation.
Remember: When you make sex exciting and spontaneous, it'll exponentially amp up her arousal level.
That way, she is going to climax rather quickly and easily.
From the back: Rear Entry position is hands down the most reliable position to send your woman soaring.
It allows the penis to target the G-spot, or otherwise known as the Holy Grail of female orgasm.
To add a little gusto, have her to bend over on a table and you enter her from behind.
During thrusting, you grab her waist for support.
It'll also ensure you have great access to the pleasure zones.
IMPORTANT: according to a latest survey, over 50% of women have dumped a partner or refuse to have sex because of small penis size! Well,should we blame them? Of course not! The harsh truth is: if your penis does not measure up, she can hardly feel you inside her! And, it will be very hard for her to orgasm.
So, do yourself a favor: make your penis bigger NOW! Else, an affair would not be very far behind.
You have been warned.
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