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Do You Know What Men Want?

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If you ask a man what he really wants, he won't come right out and tell you that he just wants sex.
After all, that would make him appear to be a man who just wants to get laid.
We tend to jump on men when they really tell us what they are thinking, but it is a huge double standard because women in today's culture are encouraged to talk to men about their feelings.
Why should he sit and be your emotional tampon when you can't respect his primary needs? It may not be what you really want to hear, but men really do want SEX.
It's not a bad thing, it's just how they are wired and we shouldn't bash men for that.
If you think the romance, gifts, and night out on the town is not about sex, you'd better think again.
Knowing what men want can help you be a smart dater.
If men want sex, then you can use this to your advantage by holding out until a man's really your Prince Charming instead of whipping out a condom within a month of dating.
It's not like he's going to respect you if you come prepared to get laid.
It's not popular to be a woman who commands this sort of respect but at least you won't have a man "try" you without buying you.
That Kind of Woman gives a man sex before he's really committed to her.
She thinks the sex will keep him and make him want to take a trip to the jewelry store.
Real men want sex but they also want a quality woman.
If you don't want to be That Kind of Woman but a forever woman, create an enlightened level of self respect that drives men wild - for you, not your sex.
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