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What Attracts Women? How to Attract any Woman you Want

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The age old question we ask is <b>what attracts women</b> to men?  For us men, it can be pretty easy to explain why we are attracted to a particular girl.  But for a woman, what she says is not necessarily what she means.  Here are some suggestions to cut through the confusion.

A woman is genetically programmed to seek out a dominent male.  This persists from the Stone Age when strong males provided the best chance of survival for himself and his family.  Women may say they want a nice low key guy but they are really attracted to someone with the alpha male characteristics of leadership, confidence, and strong social skills.  Physical attraction is a factor but it frankly takes a secondary role to the other characteristics.

This is precisely why many women date "bad boys" because they exhibit the strong male characteristics they are most attracted to.  It can get very confusing because most women still insist that they don't want to date jerks and are looking for someone who is really nice, considerate, and low key.  We take them at their word and try to act in a way we think they will find appealing only to be shot down.

So it is important to understand that women respond more strongly on an emotional level than on logic alone.  So if you want to attract any woman you want, you need to act in a manner which is consistent with her hidden desires.  Become the alpha male she secretly seeks.  That is not to say that you have to be an inconsiderate jerk.  But there are several things you must work on to "get the girl".

Appeal to Her Physically
Although physical attraction is by no means the most important attribute, it is a factor.  If you don't possess great looks, you can still score high marks in how you dress and carry yourself.  So work on your wardrobe, grooming, and personal hygiene.  It can take you far.

Refine Your Alpha Male Attributes
Since most women cannot help but be attracted to alpha male attributes, you need to refine your personal traits accordingly.  Again it is not necessary to become an arrogent and obnoxious jerk.  Rather develop confidence in yourself and portray a slightly aloof behavior which tells her that you like her but will certainly not fall all over her like other guys.  There are techniques which can give you a mysterious and somewhat unobtainable air which drives women crazy and can enable you to attract any woman you want.
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