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Attracting Rich Men - A 5 Point Guide to Finding and Keeping a Rich Husband

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Men come in all shapes and sizes, but everything else being the same it is better if there is money around for when you need it.
The question is where do you find one, how do you go about attracting rich men and how do you keep them.
Rich people are generally experienced and can tell about women.
They have seen their share of gold diggers and girls who "like" them only for their money.
1 - Find a job where rich clientele comes Fancy restaurant, upscale golf club, bank, luxury car dealership...
possibilities are endless.
But you must have and keep a job so that he sees you have work habits.
Rich men are not attracted to girls who can't work for themselves.
They might want a one-night stand, but they definitely won't see you as marrying material.
2 - Look your best, stay fit and well groomed.
You want to project a picture of health and fitness.
Rich men are bombarded daily with beautiful girls trying to catch their eye.
You don't have to be Miss Universe but you should be in the category "beautiful women" so that he won't be put off by your looks and never even consider dating you in the first place.
Exercise, keep your skin and hair in good shape, dress in current fashion.
Just look your best.
3 - Read good books, work on your education, general knowledge, vocabulary etc If he decides to marry you he will not like being embarrassed in front of his friends for marrying an illiterate girl.
Wealthy and successful men are usually educated and you must be able to hold a conversation.
4 - Volunteer at a charity You get to help a worthy cause, you will meet interesting and selfless people, possibly make good friends and you will help people in need.
And since many rich men donate to charity, you will be seen doing all that by many potential rich husbands.
5 - You can also try the internet and sites specialized for dating rich men and women This is maybe the quickest way of finding a rich man but you will have lots of competition.
So make sure you stand out.
Put out lots of pictures of you looking attractive, cute, smiling etc - anything that will attract a rich guy.
Put pictures of you working for a charity and in description say something like "me and friends at so-and-so charity event", not something obvious like "me trying to impress you with my good heart".
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