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A Quick Confidence Booster When Approaching Women

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This article is going to be short, and for a good reason.
I'm going to tell you about a mental trick you can start using right away to build confidence in yourself and to bring that confidence out when you talk to women.
Here's the thing: most guys, when they're approaching women, often times start thinking about all their negative attributes and aspects instead of all the positive things they have going on for them.
Do you even want to know what this does to their confidence level? It drops.
When they're in bars or nightclubs or other places like that, guys see all these attractive women and honestly - they start talking themselves out of approaching them because they're not "tall, dark and handsome" or they don't look like this or that.
It gets to them all psyched out when in all honesty, those aren't the things that women generally look for.
They want confidence and a guy who's not afraid to approach them.
So what can you do? What's this "trick" I talked about? Here's what you do: think of all the positive things you have going on for yourself.
Make a list of those things and keep them front and center in your mind.
When you're approaching women in nightclubs or bars or other social settings like that, focus on those positive traits and aspects you have and use those to your advantage.
What if you're short? What if you're not totally ripped with huge arms and a six-pack like a male model? Easy...
Don't focus on those things.
Are you a nice guy? Are you confident in yourself? Focus on THOSE things and you'll come off as a much more charismatic and confident person.
So to sum it up, just focus on the positive things about yourself and only those things.
If you focus on the negative things, it's only going to come off in your attitude as insecurity and a lack of confidence.
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