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Dating Tips for Guys, Does It Pay to Be a Bad Boy?

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Does it Pay to Be a Bad Boy? Here is a huge date tip for men.
Pick up artists and players know this.
Be able to display bad boy traits when the time is proper and you will supercharge your love life forever! What is it about the guy that never showers a girl with gifts, is often late, and generally doesn't lose sleep over any relationship? He's the opposite of the nice guy.
And yet women love him.
When the bad boy messes up, the girl forgives, over and over again.
Why? A study by Top Dating Tips found that 38% of women prefer nice guys, 15% want to date bad boys, and 34% prefer a mix of both.
In other words 1/3 of women want the good and bad traits in their men.
This is good news for the nice guys out there.
You can remain kind at times but you still need to introduce some bad boy traits that will trigger her sexual desires.
Balance is The Key to Seduction A woman doesn't want to date a wimp.
Nice guys give too many compliments, praise and sometimes the kiss of death...
They become needy and dependent to the girl.
Women want spontaneity, power, confidence, mystery and yes a little danger.
Deliver a mix of both and you will change your dating life forever! Pick up artists will always be able to deliver bad boy traits.
Women fantasize about their man ripping their clothes off and doing them on the kitchen table.
They want a guy that is not going to back down from confrontation.
They need that constant challenge.
The nice guy can't produce these traits, he is submissive and thus filed in the "Friend Zone.
" The player has these characteristics This is why the bad boy can succeed on the one night stand.
He exerts his higher status.
He can press the extreme button with women with his passion, wit and charm.
The bad boy can shower a woman with compliments and be ice cold towards her in the next minute.
This triggers curiosity and excitement.
The nice guy talks about intellectual subjects like her job and how the weather has been so pleasant He's so polite it makes her sick.
These are not turn ons.
Bad Boy Specifics Grow some attitude Say something shocking.
Lose the politically correct jargon at times and develop your own confident style.
Be positive and make her realize that you answer to no one.
Tease her! All the while never be rude to the girl.
Be sexually aggressive Touch her and show her your dominance.
All tactfully of course.
Hint at being with her and tease constantly.
Say something that will surprise her.
Handle any situation Get her a drink quickly, confront someone who is being obnoxious decisively.
She will notice these alpha traits and will be attracted to you more.
This makes her feel safe with you.
She feels protected.
In Conclusion Being a bad boy is a huge date tip for men.
Women like a mix of bad ass and nice guy.
Find your balance and you have will have another key to seduction tip in your arsenal.
Nice job bad ass!
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