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With so many guys jumping on the Russian brides bandwagon and searching overseas for their other half, and so many  stories of guys being scammed for money from either fake girls or fake dating agencies, it's plesent  to know that finally there may be help at hand for men searching for a REAL Russian Bride. There are thousands of serious minded beautiful Russian brides looking for marriage, love and a partner on the internet, Russian dating is fast becoming very popular but many guys are put off with l the bad press and false idea that there is a stigma attatched to Russian dating. But it is not all true and is only down to a very small minority, and no more worse than you would find on any western dating site there are thousands of genuine honest girls looking for love and romance and using your common sense any nice guy can find a beautiful Russian bride.

To be perfectly frank the main reason many guys are scammed is due to their own stupidity and being very niev, as long as you remember  the golden rule NO good Russian lady would ever dream of asking any guy to send you money, so you  will have no problems meeting your dream Russian bride. So if it is something you have been thinking about and have read about the beauty of Russian women or even seen them on tv maybe now it is time for you to give it a try, and always remember Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, they are intelligent, make wonderful wives ,are loyal, very well dressed you will never see a Russian women not looking herself in fact if you check the statistics marriage to a foreign bride is more likely to outlast  marriage to a local lady.  The stigma attached to this sort of marriage is now a thing of the past., infact you will be the envy of all of your friends to have found such a beautiful wife. You can be assured you will have a hard job to find a wife so beautiful on any local dating sites.

www.email2femail.com is a Russian dating site which has been set up by a English guy who after 4 years of searching ,travelling to Eastern Europe,  heartache and falling for several scams finally found his love in Russia fell in love with mother Russia and moved to the beautiful city of St Petersburg, in the Russian federation.

The web site is unique to most sites on the web and unlike most other Russian Bride sites there are no fees for opening letters or sending letters,all contact is done direct by the members themselves having no need for any third parties, all members have direct access to all the Russian brides in the database, personal email address and phone numbers.

 There are thousands of Beautiful Russian brides on the site for you to contact direct by email, or by telephone. Though it is recommended to write to the ladies first as it would be considered rude to just call her out of the blue being a total stranger. Russia has long had a new economy and has long past the Soviet union days most girls have their own computers and do not need translators. So you have no more need for those unscrupulous dating sites,charging you crazy fees to open a ladies e mail, which in all truth is probably fake.If you search any forums on the Russian dating site the main topic always seems to be how many guys have been scammed out of money by paying to open letters   from non exsistance ladies. With email2femail there are no huge fees to pay just a small monthly subscription charge, the rest is left upto you.

So if you are seruoise about searching for a Russian bride spend a few minutes and check the site over there is no charge to add your profile, and all guys adding their profiles will receive one free gold credit allowing them to contact one lady free of charge from the site. As a member you can ask for free advise on travel, accommodation Russian bride topics or questions ect, should be thinking of travelling to Russia inparticular  Moscow and St Petersburg.  If you are interested in searching for a Russian bride some research into Russian life and culture will go a long way towards helping you. And If you do visit Russia you may be in for a big cultural shock

So contact to the ladies start Russian dating and before you know it you could be on the next plane to Russia you will have the greatest time of your life meet some beautiful ladies in the world, and with a little determination catch yourself a beautiful Russian bride to be the envy of all of your friends. Any feedback for the sight would be very much appreciated please mail  info@email2femail.com

Best of luck in your searches,
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