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How to Approach a Lady - Showcasing a Rejection Reducer Process to Help You Approach a Lady Successf

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Figuring out how to approach a lady can be daunting if you're insufficiently prepared. One wrong move and the lady would just ignore you...

You know, my rejection rate was exceptionally high in the past!

I'm not exactly hideous or anything okay...It's just that breaking the ice was such a huge problem for me so I always end up getting "uninterested responses" from the ladies. Sad really...

But this doesn't have to happen to you!

We can keep our rejection rate to an absolute minimum by following the rejection reducer process outlined below. I've attained considerable success rate with this process so if you've been wondering how to approach a lady without getting rejected, by all means follow this process:

Step 1: Prepping Up...

First you have to dress up right. Put on a fresh set of crisp clothes and make sure you keep your hair all nice and tidy. Hair gel usage should be kept to a minimum. Greasy hair can turn off the ladies!

Step 2: Jacking Up Your Attraction Level!

This step is very critical as my success rate has risen incredibly thanks to a certain attraction booster called pheromones.

Start with one drop on your wrist, chest and throat. From my experience, it's easier to attract younger women with pheromones. Sure you can use it to attract older ladies as well but the younger ones seemed to pick up on it a lot more.

By the way pheromones doesn't affect all the ladies, some respond and some don't. There are too many variables involved but if you dress up nicely and have average looks, you will get positive responses!

Step 3: How to Approach a Lady Once Your Attraction Level Is High...

The effect of the pheromones should be enough to make the lady feel comfortable and "in place" when you approach her. So talk to the lady with confidence, mind your manners and just...be yourself!

If you're interested in using pheromones to approach a lady with confidence [http://www.articlesbase.com/dating-articles/how-to-approach-a-lady-showcasing-a-rejection-reducer-process-to-help-you-approach-a-lady-successfully-1921499.html] and subsequently increase your success rate, follow this link right here - > [http://www.pheromonestoattractwomen.info/]
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