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Three Ways to Make a Woman Happy - II

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In the first article, I have discussed about the three things which women like most.
By using these three things, we can improve our relationships with Women.
Women is the most sweet and complex creature on earth.
It is really easy to understand her and also difficult simultaneously.
While making a relation with the women, we should take care of certain things.
In this article I am sharing three more things, which should we taken care of in relationship to women.
First is listening to them.
Women really like some one listen to them.
They are mad for this.
They always run for some one who can listen to them uninterruptedly.
Women want to speak more and listen less.
This is due to their mother nature.
Like their child, they like everybody to listen to them.
You may be saying this is difficult.
Women speak more.
This is their basic nature.
We cannot change it.
We have to learn to live with it.
You need to give some time for listening to her.
One hour average a day can work wonders.
But this is required to be a continuous effort and not a single day effort.
You may not say a single word, but listening to her carefully is enough.
Second thing is remembering the dates related to her and your relationship like her birthday, marriage anniversary, date when you first met her, date when you purpose her etc.
Women are obsessed with dates.
They like it very much when you remember dates associated to her.
Just does the simple task, on her this birthday give her surprise party? You will find amazing results for it.
I advice every body to make special dairy of dates associated with her or now days with technology advancements one can set computer alarms.
This is really a wonderful idea, if implemented properly.
I again say this is great idea and going to be successful with 99.
9% women.
Third is realizing your emotions to her.
Women like if you show your emotion with her.
They may be related to her or to others.
Women are the masters of emotions.
They like if some one share with them their emotions.
Like if you are feeling love for her, just go and share it.
She will appreciate your efforts.
Moreover if are feeling sad or upset with something, simply go and share it with her.
She will like it and tell you many ways to overcome it.
She creates an atmosphere around you, which will be very soothing to you.
Sharing emotion is beneficial as it help in making relations stronger.
Second we can become more active emotionally by learning new things from her.
Try these three things, they will we really going change your life.
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