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How to Get a Guy to Make a Move on You! Here is How to Easily Make Him Get Physical Real Fast

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Sometimes it gets really frustrating when the guy you like takes an age to make any kind of move! Apart from trying to literally shake some sense into him - there is little you can do if the guy is painfully shy.
However, there are some clever ways of getting him to make a move in the right direction! Make contact and don't push him away! All you have to do is maintain eye contact and let him know that you are looking at HIM and no one else! If he's a little shy, then you could smile invitingly at him and even walk over and say hello.
Once he knows you are friendly, he will find it easier to talk to you and open up more.
Flirt with him subtly It helps to flirt.
Flirting is the easiest and fastest way to get a guy to open up and make a move towards you.
It proves that you are approachable and more importantly available.
Flirting lets him know that you find him attractive too and will make him relax and more confident of approaching you.
Eradicate his fears Most often men do not make a move because they are terribly afraid of rejection.
This phobia is understandable as rejection can strip a man of his confidence and ego.
Therefore it is important to let him feel though your body language and even conversation etc that you are not going to reject his advances.
Invite him along The easiest way to make a guy feel comfortable and relaxed in your company is to invite him along with other friends.
This way he does not feel awkward in any way.
Once you get him in the crowd it is easy to single him out.
Moreover, once he relaxes, he will find it easy to make a move towards you.
Get comfortable with each other The more he gets comfortable with you, the easier it will be for him to reveal his feelings, emotions and intentions towards you.
Don't pressurize him or try to manipulate him in any way.
Bide your time and concentrate on attracting him.
Listen to what he has to say Most women lose their chances of hooking up with a guy because of their callousness and insensitivity.
Don't be selfish and do all the talking! Listen to his ideas, views and really sympathize with him.
He will adore you for really listening to him and take it as a sign that you are what he needs.
Don't give up Just because a guy does not make a move does not mean that he is not interested.
It could just mean that he is a little shy, unsure of the future and not yet ready to make the move.
Moreover making a move towards commitment is a huge step where men are concerned.
So don't give up - have more confidence in your abilities to attract him.
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