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5 Seduction Tactics to Make a Guy Want You - How to Make Any Guy Fall For You Hard

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Guys want girls - it's like a legend.
It's how nature goes.
It's something we can't stop.
However, girls want guys too.
We think of ways to seduce him, get him to like us and all that.
With that said, it's like everything falls into place and everybody lives happily ever after.
However, it does not.
First thing we need to consider is attraction.
It's something that should happen before a guy falls for a girl and vice versa.
So now, let's talk about attraction.
Attraction is something that's natural as well - or so we thought.
It's actually something that can be created - and you have the power to make it happen.
Below are the five seduction tactics to make a guy want you - learn how to make any guy fall for you hard now!
  • Be open.
    Don't be too caught up on yourself - that's what we call selfishness.
    When you're too absorbed about yourself, you start to be too closed and feel all uncomfortable when change happens.
    Change is normal - change is what happens when a guy suddenly approached you one day, talks and asks for your number.
    Be open - so wouldn't have to freak out.
  • Know that you're beautiful.
    Of course you are.
    Self-love is a very basic thing.
    You need to appreciate yourself first before other people do.
    You need to love yourself before people start to see you as someone lovable.
    That's why insecurities should have to go - there's no room for that if you want to make a guy want you.
  • Love fun.
    Let your hair down for a change and have fun.
    It's important that you learn how to live your life to the fullest and be happy with your blessings.
    People are more drawn to people who project a positive aura.
    It makes them want to be your friend - or someone a guy would definitely want to date.
  • Don't be too easy.
    Play a little hard-to-get.
    Everything easy is boring.
    Don't get too caught up in giving guys a hard time though - you just have to make him love the chase.
    Guys love to have some challenge in life too, you know.
    So let's go ahead and give him that.
  • Aim to get to know him better.
    Ask him questions - it's like showing him a little interest.
    That's his cue to start impressing you but don't give in just yet.
    However, show that you're genuinely interested - it's a sign of being friendly and sociable.
    It won't hurt to get to know the guy better.
See? It's actually just a piece of cake.
It even going to run even smoother, if you have the right mindset and attitude to make it all happen - sometimes, that's all you need to create the kind of attraction that you want and make a guy want you and fall for you hard.
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