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How to Become More Than Friends With a Guy - Vitalize Your Relationship With These Tips

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They say that the best foundation for any relationship is friendship.
So if you're looking at your guy friend and are starting to see him in a different light that means that you're already looking forward to a fruitful relationship in the future.
Now there's only one thing left to do - win the guy! Schedule some alone moments with him.
You're already friends so that means that you're already spending a lot of time together.
Aim to develop what's already blossoming between the two of you, and you can do this by spending more time away from your friends.
Reinvention will make him look at you.
If you're seen as just one of the guy because you wear nothing but jeans and shirts, then you've got to change that.
A total makeover - a seeable one - will make him take notice.
Let him see the glamorous, feminine side of you this time! Don't put the pressure on the guy.
Have a lot of patience with your guy friend.
He is, after all, used to seeing you as just one of his many friends.
Now it's time to be persevering and be unwearied in your quest to win him.
Don't take the chance of ruining your friendship just because you pressured him into submission.
Touch him in a different manner.
You'd need to show him that there's more to your friendship now.
Bring down any walls that this relationship has entailed.
Don't just touch him like a friend now - be a little more flirtatious and he'll be able to tell the big difference! Get out of his way.
Sometimes all it takes to make him see the difference is to go away for some time.
Your guy friend will surely realize your worth as he finally misses you.
Take this much needed time off and he'll surely want to get in touch with you after a few days of being away.
Constantly support him.
In addition to your new attitude and a reinvented look, you must also prove to him that you'd still be there (and more so now) for him to support and lift him up.
This guy is sure to realize that you are going the extra mile for him and he'll begin to appreciate you more.
The more romantic side of you.
Since this guy has already seen you as a funny woman, it's time to show him that you also have a touchy feely side! Show him the girl that can captivate any man that she likes.
He is bound to see all these improvements in you so prepare to see what he'll do to enthrall you, too!
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