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Letting Go of the Bad After Dates

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I've heard it said so many times that someone is never going to go out again because of having a horrible experience with dating.
The thing is it can cause a lot of frustration when you are wanting someone so bad but everything goes wrong and it is very easy to go back and hide but that would be a mistake.
Learning from what happened is vital because if you don't then you might end up repeating things again.
Lets say that things are going great at first.
The other person tells you everything that you want to hear or long for and then suddenly in a matter of minutes things all change.
You find out that the other person doesn't like something you don't, or maybe you have viewpoints that might not be the same.
Suddenly you start wishing that you could be some place else and that you hate you even bothered.
I've been out on a couple of dates like that and it really does feel uncomfortable but start thinking about what made you like them to begin with.
They either looked nice, said something you really appreciated, or just stood out when nobody else was there for you.
It could be lots of reasons as to why you decided to go out with them.
Each person is going to be unique and just because you found out later that you two don't get along does not mean you should never go out with someone again.
You might need some time to get over it but keep your heart opened to things.
The next step is let go of that hurtful evening and just focus on the time you enjoyed with the person.
Always staying focused with the negative won't help the situation at all and that can cause a lot of steam to boil up within inside you so letting those really bad things go of that date is a huge step up.
If you have to do that every time you go out then it can still help you out in so may ways even if only one or two bad things happen.
One of the awesome things with being able to move forward is that in time it increases your self esteem and causes you to advance in personal areas in your life that you wouldn't have been able to before if you stayed focused on the negative.
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