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How to Heal & Restore after a Divorce

A divorce is a challenging and potentially damaging process. Healing and restoring yourself after a divorce can take time. You can take steps to make the process more productive and healthy.

Love Spells To Make A Man Fall In Love With You - Love Spells That Really Work

Love is universal and it is also the primary binding force among living beings. Yet the same love sometimes becomes the bane and burden of many. The human mind extremely complex and subtle behaves in unpredictable ways at times. Though we may not be able to decipher the complexities of mind, it is a

Husband Wants a Divorce? Here's How to Tell If Your Marriage is Worth Saving

If your husband wants a divorce, it can feel like your entire world is being turned upside down. You trusted him to be your husband forever, and now he's changed his mind. Even if you really want to save your marriage, just the thought that he doesn't want to be with you anymore turns your

Why You Should Marry A Chinese Bride!

Why are Chinese brides such a good choice when choosing a marriage partner? What makes them better than Russian or Filipino brides for a long-term relationship? Find out now why Chinese brides are truly the best choice for you and don't miss this article!

Silence is a girl's loudest cry

In a relationship, fighting and arguing is a really normal thing. Too much of it doesn't mean that both couple doesn't love each other, its just something that the two doesnt have in common at ...

Failure - The Outcome Of Today's Marriages

Many factors influence the ending of a marriage. That could possibly be why over fifty percent of marriages end. There are factors ranging from: abuse, drugs, money, cheating and the lack of love. Reasons of which could be the lack of time that a couple spends with each other and that they rush into

Blue in the Grey

I was born during a time when life was a simple journey with no twists and turns, the pattern was the same from generation to generation. The beginning of every man's existence was that little cry once you were out of your mothers womb, the cry that signifies the birth of a life; the growth in

Couples Therapy With Trauma and Abuse Survivors

We all come into relationships with past issues. Trust, ability to be intimate, anger management, mental and physical health limitations and childhood trauma are among the most common. Each issue colors, although in a different ...

Perseverance Through True Love

One is never alone if through perseverance and endurance one finds true love. It is this fundamental, natural and eternal beam of kindness and epitome of existence that is the goal of many dreams that brings out the art from within our heartbeats.

New York’s No-Fault Law

The old law was focused primarily on the needs of the parties, especially the party in need. The new law changes this completely. Interim spousal support is now intended to reduce the gap between the ...

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Tricks!

Do you think that you have to trick your ex boyfriend into coming back to you? Have you been looking for way to change his mind about your breakup by fooling him or messing with ...