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How to Change Wallpaper From a Registry

The wallpaper, sometimes referred to as the desktop wallpaper, is an image that is displayed on your computer desktop. The Windows operating system comes with several default wallpaper images. However, many users like to select their own wallpaper images to personalize their computers. The most comm

Christmas Wedding Games

To spice up the wedding reception, have a game to play. Reception games will help break the ice at the tables and get people interacting with one another. You can choose a quick game or one that may take a little longer. If you aren't into dancing and would rather play a game, then have a game of ch

Flowers Used in Bridal Bouquets

The flowers are an important part of planning a wedding. They add beauty and design to any setting. Some brides prefer lavish floral decor, while others choose simple floral accents. Because of the wide variety of flowers and greenery available, brides have many choices available to meet every ta

Music Theme Party Things

The right decorations and favors can get your music party swinging.music image by Victor Hernandez from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>Parties themed around music are perfect for performers and music educators. They celebrate an art form that crosses cultural...

How to Make a Victorian Damask Cake Stand

Whether for a theme wedding or luncheon, this Victorian inspired cake stand will be the center of attention at any affair. It is easy to make and, when you're done, everthing just peels off!

Outdoor Places to Get Married in Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie is in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, offering views and boating facilities along Lake Erie. Many of Erie's wedding venues are on the Lake Erie waterfront and have spaces for outdoor ceremonies. Catering and wedding coordination is available at many of Erie's wedding venues. Most Erie

Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Scooby Doo is a dog who is a mystery sleuth along with his human friends. Plan a Scooby Doo birthday party around a mystery based on the Scooby Doo cartoons and movies. Watch some of the shows to understand the crazy antics of Scooby Doo and bring the whole party theme together.

A Provisional Hairdo for Your Wedding

You may be bothered about getting either the money or the perfect person to do a very gorgeous hairstyle for you on the day of your wedding. This should not be a principal concern to you. What you sho

Bridal Shower Game With Household Cleaners

Bridal shower games that include household cleaners give a light-hearted look at housekeeping. These memorable games can put the bride in a positive spirit as she tackles her household chores in her new shared home.

Wedding Favors for a Garden Themed Wedding

Themed weddings have become very popular in recent times and with summer being the most popular time for weddings, it is little wonder that a garden theme is a popular choice. Here are a few ideas for

Budgeting For Your Wedding Entertainment

Sticking to a strict wedding budget can be a trying experience. It may seem fine at first, when you sit down with your partner and organize everything into nice clean columns. And then of course, swear to stick to it, promising that every cent will be accounted for.

The Wedding Finishing Touches

It's all this little finishing touchesthat will make your ceremony a greatand truly memorable celebration.

Live Band For Weddings - Ask Your Venue If They Have a Noise Limiter

If you're booking a live band for a wedding, or for a party, or for corporate entertainment - or indeed functions of any kind - there's an important point to consider that most people overlook, that can make a major difference to whether your function is a success or not. Does the venue yo