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A Preparatory Tantra Technique For Tantra Massage

There are many ways in which to practice tantra massage, but you must first experience the basic energy that this ancient tantra technique unfolds within you. Before you can proceed to enjoy the full benefits of this ultimate form of erotic massage, you need to prepare yourselves spiritually and emo

A Quick Confidence Booster When Approaching Women

Here's the thing: most guys, when they're approaching women, often times start thinking about all their negative attributes and aspects instead of all the positive things they have going on for them.Do you even want to know what this does to their confidence level? It drops.

Dating:Confidence to Date again

Beginning the art of dating after suffering some ditching is sometimes hard for some people. It depends on some issues which affect the mental capacity of the person, from the willingness to start dating again ...

How to Ask A Girl Out On A Date

Making out with a beautiful girl is all man's desire. This is because, beside the sexual appealing body of that particular girl, you gain social status. Moreover, roving around with a beautiful girl increases the ...

How to Know if You're in a Bad Relationship With a Guy

You are starting to wonder if you are in a bad relationship with a guy. You argue frequently, and it's not always pleasant to be around him. Normal relationships have ups and downs -- sometimes you feel as though you are giving more than you are getting, or you just don't feel as passionate as you o